Shawn Rodriquez

4 Signs You Need Chimney Masonry Repair

If you live in an older house, chances are good that your chimney is of the original construction. In other words, it was built when the house was first built and hasn't been replaced since then. Unfortunately, chimneys are subject to all kinds of wear and tear over time—and if it's been a while since yours was last inspected by a professional, there could be problems lurking behind those bricks. Here are some signs that indicate it might be time for masonry repair:

The Key Benefits Of Having Your Carpets Cleaned Yearly

Are you someone who vacuums your carpets once or twice a week, blots up the occasional stain, and figures that's good enough? You're not alone. Many people approach carpet cleaning this way. Your carpet may be okay for a while with this minimalist care approach, but you are missing out on the benefits you could enjoy from regular carpet cleaning. If you want to take great care of your carpets, the best approach is usually to have them professionally cleaned once a year.

Six Assumptions About Water Damage Restoration That Could Negatively Impact Your Home's Condition

Water damage can be detrimental to the condition of your home. You need to avoid making assumptions about water damage. Being misinformed about water damage can have drastically negative consequences for you. The following are six assumptions about water damage restoration that could negatively impact your home's condition.   Water damage restoration is just about drying out interiors. While drying out your interiors quickly after flooding is important, this is not all there is to be done to prevent water damage.

4 Things To Know About Commercial Water Damage Restoration Projects

Commercial water damage can destroy the structural integrity of buildings and make them unsafe. Several things can cause this type of damage, and it must be properly cleaned to prevent mold growth and other devastating consequences. If water damage occurs in a warehouse, the water damage could ruin the goods stored there. Many times warehouse damages occur due to inclement weather events. It is possible for commercial properties to have hidden water damage if the issue is related to faulty plumbing.

Did Your Basement Flood? Follow These Three Important Steps

Was there recently an incident that caused your basement to flood with water? This could be from something as simple as a pipe burst, or even rainwater that came through a window well. Here is what you'll need to do if you end up with water in your basement. Remember To Stay Safe As much as you want to rush to the basement to get to work, it's important to think about your personal safety when entering a basement that has flooded with water.