2 Foundation Repairs That Can Be Used On Your Home

Your house depends on your foundation being strong, sturdy, and whole. However, some things can cause your foundation to fail. One of the most common things is that a lot of water gets down to your foundation and causes cracks. Another is that the soil around the foundation may have settled too much, which can cause the foundation to fall out of level. If you have foundation issues, you need to contact a foundation repair company. They can use several methods to fix your foundation, depending on what the problem is. 

Slab Jacking

One of the methods that the repair company can use is slab jacking. It's also called foam jacking or mud jacking. No matter the name, they all refer to the same process. The process involves drilling holes in the concrete of your foundation and then pumping expanding polyurethane foam or a slurry under the concrete. The foam or slurry, called mud but which isn't mud, lifts the concrete slab that your house sits on. The contractors will drill the holes in specific spots so that the mud or foam can fill any cavities under the slab, keeping the foundation from sinking back down. The process will be a reasonably slow one because moving the foundation too fast can cause further damage. The foam and the mud will set and cure and act as a support.   

Concrete Piles

Concrete piles can be placed under your house. They are made out of pre-made concrete blocks or cylinders. The contractor will drive the piles into the ground under your house, and they will then take some of the weight of your house and support it. These are a step lower than having piers installed under your house. This doesn't work well in every situation, partly because the soil must support the piles. It has to be able to be compacted for the piles. Otherwise, you will have the same problem in a few years. The contractor can tell you if the piles are going to be the best solution for your situation or if you need to do something like concrete or steel piers installed. 

If your foundation isn't doing its job anymore, you need to contact a foundation repair contractor. You need to repair it as soon as possible because the longer your foundation is damaged, the harder it will be to fix it and the more damage your house may sustain.