Laundry Room Leaks Require Water Damage Restoration Services

A leak in the laundry room comes along with several concerns. Not only will there be an issue with pooling water on the floor, but the long-term damage that can come along with this pooling water is even worse. If you experienced a leak in your laundry room and you did not have professional restoration services performed, learn about some of the things that can be at risk.

Replacement Costs

Water can be especially damaging, and not just on the surface. A tricky thing about water is that it has the potential to keep causing damage even after it is removed. Consider a scenario where the homeowner clears all the water from their floor, for example. 

What the homeowner may not be aware of is that some of the water seeped through the seams in the floor and pooled on the subfloor. Over time, this moisture on the subfloor will soften and weaken the floor, making it less sound structurally. Only professional remediation services will ensure all moisture has been removed from the space. 

Mold Issues

Another concern with water leaks in laundry rooms is mold. Mold is most often found in spaces where there is excess moisture. However, mold also favors dark spaces with poor ventilation. In many homes, the laundry room meets this description. For this reason, even if you remove most of the water from the floor, any damp surfaces in the room can serve as a breeding ground for mold growth. 

Mold does not only come with the risk of causing damage to surfaces, such as floors and walls, but it can also create unsafe and uncomfortable airway conditions, especially for anyone in the house with respiratory issues. 

Insurance Concerns

Another reason it is so important to have water remediation services performed is insurance coverage. Homeowners' insurance policies typically provide coverage for leaks that occur in a laundry room, but in the event another leak occurs, if there is any evidence that the previous leak damage was not restored properly, the subsequent claim could be denied. 

For this reason, it is critical for homeowners to ensure they have the area restored properly to ensure they do not face any barriers in coverage should they need to file a claim in the future. 

If you experienced a leak in your home or suspect water damage, contact a professional water damage restoration service in your area to avoid long-term damage.