How Do Professionals Handle A Flooded Basement?

Finding a foot or more of water in your basement can be shocking. Your first concern might be for all of the items in your basement. Then, you may shift to wondering how you're ever going to get the water out of there. In most cases, it is best to call a professional water damage restoration team. Here are the basic steps they'll likely follow to remedy this situation.

Step 1: Pump water out of the basement.

Professional teams can pump feet of water out of a basement remarkably fast. They have portable pumps that they will bring over, immerse in the water, and turn on. They may run the discharge hoses out of your basement windows. Or, if your basement does not have windows, they can run the discharge hoses up your stairs and outside. The pumps are strong enough to pump the water "uphill." The professionals will make sure the water is discharged into a storm drain or a drainage ditch so that it does not just keep coming back into your home.

Step 2: Remove damaged and wet materials.

In most basements, there are a lot of porous building materials. Drywall is an example. You might also have carpet that got wet, and perhaps some furniture. Since these items are saturated with water, they have to be removed from the basement so that the space, overall, can dry out. The team will often rent a dumpster, or guide you in renting one, to get rid of these items.

Step 3: Running fans and dehumidifiers.

Even once the bulk water and all wet items have been removed, the air will likely still be very wet and humid in the basement. So, the next step will be setting up some fans and dehumidifiers to dry the space out. This process may take a few days, especially if you have a large basement.

Step 4: Evaluate the potential for mold.

Once the air is dry, your water damage restoration team will generally look the space over for signs of mold. Some companies can then offer mold remediation services if needed. Or, if the water removal company you hired does not offer mold remediation, they can refer you to a contractor who does.

If your basement floods, it's normal to be alarmed. But rest assured that professional water damage restoration teams know how to handle situations like this and can dry your home out again.

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