Handling A Potential Water Damage Situation

If you find that water has gotten into the bottom story of your home, you want to act fast in eliminating it so structural damage does not occur. Here are steps to take immediately after noticing water is accumulating inside your home.

Find The Source Of The Leak 

It is important to know where water is coming from so you know how to react to keep yourself safe while dealing with a flood situation. If the moisture accumulating in your home is caused by a local water source, such as a lake, river, or stream, protecting your skin while dealing with the problem is a must. Bacteria accumulates in natural water sources, causing the threat of a health issue to occur if you are not properly covered. If the water is being diverted to your lowest floor due to a leak within your plumbing system or from a water heater, turn off the water supply to stop accumulation from occurring.

Remove Personal Items To Clear The Area 

Any of your items on the floor of the room where water is pooling up need to be removed so you can effectively get to the water itself. Work fast at physically removing furniture and personal effects from the room and place them in a dry area or outdoors if conditions are warm and sunny. Make sure to turn off your electrical supply if water is near any outlets. Wear gloves over your hands for protection if necessary.

Use A Pump To Divert Water 

If you have access to a water pump, use it to remove moisture from the floor level effectively. Redirect water away from your home toward an area lower than your foundation. This may require that you find a long hose to hook up to the water pump. If you do not have a pump and cannot find one nearby, call a water damage restoration service right away to tend to the problem.

Dry The Area And Treat For Mold 

Any area touched by water is at risk of mold growth if proper drying is not conducted. Obtain a large fan to aid in the fast drying of carpets and walls. Each area affected by moisture needs to be sprayed with a mold and mildew-removing agent as soon as drying is completed. If you have difficulty reaching areas saturated by flood water, contact a water damage restoration service for assistance.