4 Signs You Need Chimney Masonry Repair

If you live in an older house, chances are good that your chimney is of the original construction. In other words, it was built when the house was first built and hasn't been replaced since then.

Unfortunately, chimneys are subject to all kinds of wear and tear over time—and if it's been a while since yours was last inspected by a professional, there could be problems lurking behind those bricks. Here are some signs that indicate it might be time for masonry repair:

1. The chimney is cracking or crumbling

If you see crumbling brick, it's a sign of serious damage. Crumbling bricks can lead to your chimney collapsing and catching fire. If you notice crumbling brick in your chimney, contact a mason immediately for repairs.

2. There are gaps between the bricks

There are likely air leaks if you notice a gap between your bricks. This could cause the fire to burn inefficiently and produce more smoke than usual. Air leaks can also lead to water damage, mold growth, and structural damage within your chimney.

If there is a large gap between the bricks or mortar surrounding your fireplace or wood stove pipe, then this may be causing water damage on either side of your chimney wall (the interior surface of your home). Water leaking into this area will collect in puddles that could eventually cause structural problems with floors or walls inside of your home.

3. You notice water stains inside the brick

If you notice water stains inside the brick, it's a good sign that your chimney leaks. Water can damage both the mortar and brick over time, so you should get inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

If you're seeing condensation or leaks in your home, it could be because of a faulty chimney cap or draft diverter, which can be easily fixed by hiring an experienced masonry contractor.

4. You hear cracking sounds when flues are opened or closed

The sound of cracking is a warning sign that your chimney is in bad shape. Many things, including structural problems, poor mortar, or brickwork, could cause it. If you hear a cracking noise when flues are opened or closed, it's time for chimney masonry repair.

If you hear this kind of sound coming from your fireplace after opening or closing vents (especially if it happens every time), there may be cracks in the structure that need fixing before they cause more serious damage.

Get your chimney cleaned and inspected every year to avoid fire hazards and costly repairs

Fire hazards can be caused by a creosote buildup, a tar-like substance that forms when wood burns. Over time, this tar can become so thick that it will block airflow through the flue—eventually causing your fireplace or stovetop to stop working properly. This could lead to serious damage if you don't act quickly.


For more info about masonry chimney repair, contact a local company.