What Happens When You Get A Home Inspection

Have you made an offer on a home that was accepted, and now you need to get a home inspection? Here is what you can expect during this part of the home-buying process. 

Hiring A Home Inspector

One of the things to keep in mind about hiring a home inspector is that there is a short window in which most people have to get a home inspection. This means that it may be a bit challenging to find a home inspector that is available because they are often needed on short notice. Expect to contact a couple of home inspectors until you find one that is available to perform a home inspection within your window of time. 

A typical home inspection is going to be very thorough, but may not cover everything. For example, some home inspectors charge more for infrared scans of the home to look at what is behind the walls and where insulation is lacking. You may need to pay more if you want any tests that require lab testing, such as testing for lead in the water, radon in the basement, and mold. This is why it is important to always ask about what services are covered, and which services will come at an additional cost.

Inspecting The Home

When the day comes for the home inspection to take place, know that most home inspectors allow you to tag along so that you can see what the inspector sees firsthand. This can actually provide you with a lot of necessary education about home maintenance. An inspector is going to tell you what is wrong with the home, how the problem could have been prevented, and what maintenance will be required moving forward. 

Your home inspector is going to be taking plenty of pictures, making notes, and performing tests during their inspection. For example, they'll be testing the electrical outlets to make sure that they are grounded properly, going into the attic to look for signs of roof damage, and inspecting the water heater and furnace.

Receiving The Report

Within a few days, you'll receive a detailed report of everything that the home inspector saw during the inspection. This will include all the photos and notes that they took while they were in the home. You can review this report with your real estate agent and decide on if there is anything in the report that is a deal breaker. You can also use the information to ask the seller to make a repair or give you a credit at closing to do the repair yourself.

Contact a local home inspection service to learn more.