Residential Pier And Beam Foundation Problems That Need Professional Repair Services

Pier and beam is a type of building foundation with spaced footings and concrete to ensure adequate support to a building. During the preparation of this foundation, a contractor places piers or posts on each footing and spaces them depending on the building's size and support needs. After that, they lay the beams on top of the piers, followed by floor joists and floorboards that support the structure's first level. The complex nature of pier and beam foundation preparation ensures your property is stable. However, like any other construction structure, some issues affect the integrity of this type of foundation, creating the need for repair services. 

Problem Associated with Pier and Beam Foundations

The following are some common causes of problems associated with pier and beam foundations. 


Piers and beams foundation comprises pressure-treated woods resistant to damage from pests and moisture. However, the chemicals used to treat the woods lose their effectiveness over time, causing the piers and beams to decay due to water damage. Decay weakens the foundation's strength, evidenced by cracks on your floor. 

Inaccurately Spaced Piers 

Accurate pier spacing is critical during foundation preparation to provide stability and balance. A building contractor must balance the space between them and use enough posts. Failure to do that makes some parts of the building stronger than others, resulting in problems such as sinking and uneven floors.

Shifting Beams 

Another problem you might encounter with your foundation is the issue of shifting beams. That is likely to happen if your building is placed in an area rich with clay soil because clay expands and contracts when exposed to excess moisture and dry conditions. The expansion and contraction of the soils make the beams shift over time. Signs of shifting beams include cracks on your floors, ceilings, and walls.

What Are the Possible Solutions to Pier and Beam Foundation Problems? 

You should contact professional repair services if you're experiencing problems with your home's pier and beam foundation. There are various solutions they can offer to ensure your foundation continues to serve you for a long time. For example, they can fix beam shifts by adding pile guards or driven concrete piers that can withstand clay contraction and expansion. They may also employ reshimming and underpinning methods, adding reinforced needle beams to stabilize the foundation and elevate sagging floors to balance with other floors. For inaccurately spaced piers, site shoring would effectively provide additional posts to the foundation and improve its load-bearing capacity.


Pier and beam foundation repairs should occur as soon as you notice any signs discussed above. That will prevent your building from collapsing and protect your household.

For more information about pier and beam foundation repair, contact a local company.