Proper Maintenance Of Epoxy Flooring

If you are considering having a service cover an existing floor in your home or business with epoxy, you are likely excited about the aesthetics and smooth surface it will provide. Proper maintenance of this type of floor is necessary to ensure it remains in the best condition possible. Here are some steps to take to keep your new flooring in tip-top shape.

Keep On Top Of Dirt Removal

Dirt, sand, rocks, and other small particles can scratch the epoxy over time. If these materials accumulate on an epoxy surface, there is the potential that they will be moved across the floor when someone walks through. The movement of machinery or other heavy items across the floor can also cause damage if debris had settled around these items. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to remove debris regularly. Instead of pushing debris across the floor with a broom or mop, use a shop vacuum to lift it away from the surface. This minimizes the potential scratching.

Avoid Using Soap On Epoxy

For the revitalization of epoxy, cleaning sessions are needed regularly. It is best to refrain from using soap mixed with water for this process. Soap leaves behind a filmy residue, altering the overall appearance of epoxy with a cloudy haze. Use plain water to remove surface stains. After wetting the surface of your floor, use a soft-bristled brush to spread the moisture into grooves. Rinse away debris by pouring water over areas where it is caked-on. To remove moisture from your floor, use a piece of clean microfiber cloth. Affix this over broom bristles or mop strings and glide the cloth over the floor to collect moisture effectively. You can also allow water to dry naturally if there is no visible debris present after it is applied to your flooring.

Prevent Chemical Spills

Epoxy floors will stain if chemicals come into contact with them for long durations of time. As soon as you witness a spill of a chemical agent, it needs to be removed immediately to minimize the potential of color alteration. Keep paper towels and pieces of cloth handy in rooms with epoxy floors. Move any chemical agents to areas of your home or business away from epoxy floors so they do not pose a hazard to them. If a chemical spill does cause a floor's appearance to become altered, consider adding another coating of epoxy to obscure the damage.

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