Restoring Your Business After It Suffers Extensive Water Damage

Extensive water damage to your business can be a serious problem as it can require major repairs and cause lengthy closures. Unfortunately, commercial water damage is a risk that every business will need to be prepared to address as quickly as possible when it occurs.

Assess Whether It Is Safe To Remove Items From The Water Damaged Area

Depending on the type of water damage that has occurred, it may make sense for your business to attempt to remove as much of the equipment and inventory as possible so that it may be salvaged or restored. However, it may not always be safe for this to be done. For example, if the water damage is the result of sewage or containers any other potentially harmful substances, it will require specialized equipment for individuals to be able to enter the area. Furthermore, the power to the area will need to be terminated to prevent the risk of individuals suffering an electrical shock.  

Invest In A Comprehensive Inspection Following The Water Damage

The amount of damage that flooding and other large amounts of water are able to cause can be extensive. While much of this damage may be easy to see, there are some issues that can be far more difficult to evaluate. Having a professional conduct a thorough inspection of the building after the water damage has occurred can help you to understand the full scale of the damage that the building has suffered. An example of this could involve damage to the foundation of the building as a result of the water exposure and the immense weight that the water can put on it.

Have A Plan For Establishing A Temporary Location For Your Business

In cases where the building has suffered extensive water damage, it may need to be closed for a lengthy period while it is repaired. If this is the case for your building, there may be a need to establish a temporary location until the repairs have been fully completed and the damaged equipment replaced. To minimize the time that it takes to transition your operations to a temporary facility, it can be worthwhile for businesses to plan for this ahead of time by scouting potential sites and creating a plan for reestablishing operations. For a business that has multiple facilities, it may be easier to have a plan to transition operations, but if these buildings are located close together, they may both suffer water damage during a flooding event.

For more information, reach out to a commercial water damage restoration professional.