The Steps Involved In Mold Remediation

If you have mold present in your home, you should call in a mold remediation company to remove the mold and clean the affected area. One of the biggest misconceptions about mold remediation is that it is a fast, one-step process. Mold remediation consists of multiple steps that may be completed over the span of several days, depending on the severity of the mold growth in your home. Here are the key steps involved in the mold remediation process. 

A Home Inspection

The very first thing a mold remediation company will do is a home inspection. They will walk around your home looking for signs of mold growth. They may be looking for visible mold, may be smelling for scents associated with mold, and/or may use a thermal imaging camera to determine moisture levels and potential mold growth. If mold is present, they may take samples of the mold to send to a lab to determine what type of mold they are dealing with. 

Sealing Off the Moldy Area

Once a mold remediation company has identified mold in your home, they will seal off the affected area. This typically includes laying down cloths, tarps, or vapor barriers and sealing off doorways and vents to the space. This helps to ensure that mold spores are not spread throughout the house once the mold removal process begins. 

The Mold Removal Process

Once the area is sealed off, the mold removal process begins. Typically, an air filtration system is brought in to the space to help filter the air and further prevent mold spores from flying around your home. The mold is then scrubbed or removed using various antimicrobial and antifungal treatments, depending on the type of mold growing in your home. Anything that is covered in mold that cannot be properly cleaned is removed from the space and discarded. 

Preventing Mold From Coming Back

The final step in the mold remediation process is determining why mold was present in the first place and figuring out what can be done to prevent it from coming back. If your space is damp, a mold remediation company may look for a leaky pipe or a roof leak. Determining where moisture is coming from and how to prevent it from entering your home can prevent further mold outbreaks. 

If you see mold growing in your home or you smell a musty, mildew-like odor that you cannot get rid of, you may need to call in a mold remediation company. They can complete a home inspection to determine where mold may be growing, contain or seal off the affected area, remove mold, and work to prevent mold from growing back. Contact a local mold remediation company today to get started.